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Ask an Expert – Submit Your Q!

28 May News and Promotions | Comments Off on Ask an Expert – Submit Your Q!
Ask an Expert – Submit Your Q!

“Which is more useful, a spray-on or a drop-in bedliner?”

With today’s truck, you may not need either. The steel used to make a modern truck bed is zinc and or galvanized and then painted with a base coat clear coat finish. Current model steel truck beds also have openings for drainage toward the bulk head of the bed, so that water does not accumulate tocause rusting and additional weight. The old days of a rusting truck bed have been corrected with new materials and designs.

rusted truck bed     rusted truck bed 2

The steel used to make a truck bed today however is thinner than the steel used in the past.

Manufacturers improve fuel economy by lowering weight. Thinner steel however dents easier. Because a spray-on liner cannot protect a wheel well, for example, from being dented by a large impact, every truck manufacture offers a resilient plastic bedliner custom fit to absorb impacts against the steel bed.

If you don’t use your truck for work, there are other products for the truck bed better suited to your possible needs available at a truck accessory store, than either a spray-on or drop-in bedliner. A BedTredTM, BedRug, rubber bed mat, or sheet of plywood may be more practical for you.

If you need real protection, an OEM or factory bed liner is half the cost of a spray-on bedliner. Many aftermarket truck accessory businesses sell custom fit bed liners for half the cost of a factory bed-liner. In some cases, the AM bed liner is even superior to the OE bedliner. Custom molded AM bed liners take the abuse and are a good value.

rugged liner bedliner